Standing Together with the People of Haiti

A Video Update

On Saturday, August 14, Haiti was hit with a 7.2-magnitude earthquake followed only days later by torrential rains from Tropical Storm Grace. While search efforts continue among the rubble, the death toll has already risen above 2,000.

Haiti is home to over 175,000 Baptists, with 1100 churches within its four BWA member bodies. Mission Evangėlique Baptiste du Sud d’Haïti (MEBSH), with the majority of its 488 churches clustered in the Southwest region of Haiti at the epicenter of the earthquake, reports 225 of their churches and 155 of their schools have been damaged or completely destroyed; along with 1,500 homes in their community. A funeral was taking place in one of their churches when the building collapsed during the earthquake, taking the lives of four of their leaders.

Nevertheless, Haitian pastors and leaders are resilient, working tirelessly to search for those who are still missing, to assess damages, procure food and shelter items, and to provide pastoral care in their communities. All of this is happening in a politically challenging context in which the nation’s president was assassinated only a month ago. 

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Stand Together in Prayer

Download our Haiti Prayer Guide and stand together with Baptists around the world in praying for the people of Haiti.