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  • Baptist World Aid (BWAid)
    BWAid has been providing grants for the last 100 years to empower Baptist conventions, unions, and churches to provide holistic Gospel witness in their communities through by aid, relief, and community development. 

  • 妇女事务局援助与发展论坛(BFAD)
    A network of more than 30 Baptist aid agencies and professionals collaboratively working together for global impact.

  • 浸礼会世界援助委员会
  • 创作关怀委员会
  • 种族、性别和经济正义委员会

Responding to COVID-19

Your sacrificial gifts to the BWA are enabling us to respond to needs in every region of the world during this crisis. Baptist World Aid has already sent more than 100 emergency grants which are impacting 130,000+ people in over 70 countries. View our COVID-19 microsite to learn more about our global response.

Impact Report for 2019

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