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Worship, Fellowship & Unity

Ориентируясь на Иисуса Христа и имея глубокие духовные корни, мы укрепляем нашу всемирную семью через постоянные собрания, пастырское присутствие, взаимную дружбу и культивирование поклонения, общения и единства. 

Программы Первичного Министерства

    • Prayer Initiatives
      Includes weekly
      “One in Prayer” email that guides participants in praying for every country in the world over the course of the year
соответствующие комиссии
  • Commission on Baptist Doctrine and Unity
  • Commission on Baptist Heritage and Identity: Visit Commission Website
  • Комиссия по баптистскому богослужению и духовности
    • Member Body Relationships and Ministry Engagement
    • Annual Gatherings and Baptist World Congresses
    • Additional Events and Fellowship Opportunities

A Year of Impact

  1. Whether at our Annual Gatherings, at our home office in Virginia, USA, or visiting ministry leaders around the world, we are honored by the opportunity to worship with our Baptist sisters and brothers.


people attended an event around the world where they heard messages and missional updates from a member of the BWA team.


countries were directly impacted through pastoral visits, BWAid assistance, and direct mobilization of Baptist leaders for global engagement and advancement.



prayer warriors united weekly to pray for the world, lifting up Baptists in every country throughout the year. Join the weekly “Baptists One in Prayer” email list by clicking here.