Myanmar Red Ribbon Solidarity Weekend

April 28 – May 2, 2021

An Opportunity for Global Baptists

to Stand Together in Prayer, Advocacy, and Theological Reflection

Help us raise awareness within your congregations, organizations, and community about the military coup and the ensuing violence perpetrated against the citizens of Myanmar. Stand with Myanmar in word and deed. Stand with Myanmar in prayer and advocacy.  

The BWA has provided an emergency grant to support Baptist leaders on the ground. Your gift today will help us continue our support at this critical time.

What is Happening in Myanmar?

On February 1, 2021, the military seized control and declared a year-long state of emergency. The country’s elected leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, and members of her party are now under house arrest. As a result, all ethnic and religious minorities as well as actors of conscience and conviction are in grave danger.

Un dirigeant du Myanmar nous a écrit : "Les armes à la main, les militaires ont gouverné d'une main de fer, arrêtant et détruisant de nombreuses vies. Le pays tout entier est en deuil, mais cette fois, le peuple n'est pas sorti pour protester dans les rues, sachant que beaucoup seraient abattus et tués."

On-the-ground leaders report social media blackouts as well as blackouts of news channels such as CNN and BBC. Healthcare workers have been told any protest would result in their immediate arrest, and peaceful protesters have been met with violence and death.

"Notre peuple a vécu sous la dictature militaire pendant plus de 60 ans, et l'idée que nos enfants et petits-enfants aient à revivre ce cycle de vie est une pensée épouvantable", a déclaré un autre dirigeant. "Nous n'avons pas d'armes mais un Dieu qui nous protège. Même si nous marchons dans la vallée la plus sombre, nous ne craindrons aucun mal."

At this crucial time, will you stand together with the global Baptist family in supporting the people of Myanmar – including the 5,800 BWA Baptist churches and 1.7 million BWA members? 

Daily Focus

Beginning Wednesday, April 28, join us for five days of strategic focus and action on behalf of the people of Myanmar.  


Study Day:
Reflecting on the Word of God


Advocacy Day: Mobilizing Support and Signatures


Prayer Day: Petitioning the Lord Together


Share Day:
Standing Together on Social Media


Worship Day:
Standing Together as One Body


Click below for resources to share with your church, community, or organization.

Due to the varying global media coverage related to this situation, many are unaware of the escalating violence and injustice. Resources included a Myanmar fact sheet, a series of biblical reflections, and a “Save Myanmar” video. 

Speak out by signing a petition calling for a full U.S. government and international response to free the imprisoned leaders of Burma or by customizing an advocacy letter to send to the ambassador at your local embassy.

Join us in prayer for 7 minutes daily, focusing on the more than 700 people who have been killed since the military regime’s takeover on February 1Access prayer guides below and share a prayer of solidarity with the people of Myanmar. 

We also invite Baptists to join together in wearing red ribbons as a sign of solidarity with the people of Myanmar. Take a picture wearing your ribbon and post it on social media with the hashtag #standwithmyanmar or use one of our graphics.


We invite Baptist pastors worldwide to stand together for the people of Myanmar. We invite you to utilize your mid-week Bible study and/or a portion of your Sunday worship service to call your community to prayer, reflection, and action. 

    To support your church’s participation in this initiative, we have created a variety of resources including a fact sheet, biblical reflections, prayer guides, social media graphics, and a slide presentation in addition to an assortment of video content.


    Youth Leaders

    In response to the escalating violence in Myanmar, the Asia Pacific Baptist Youth have issued a call for prayer and asked youth worldwide to stand in solidarity with the young people of Myanmar. The protests in response to the military coup in February have been largely organized by those in their teens and twenties, and the military has responded with brutality. The average age of the casualties is only seventeen. Please join us in prayer for an end to the violence and restoration of peace and justice.
    Youth are also encouraged to:

    1. Post on social media with the hunger games symbol and hashtags #standwithmyanmar, #youthstandingwithmyanmar, and #myanmarredribbon.
    2. Hold an hour online prayer gathering to stand with Myanmar youth.

    Access resources to help facilitate your youth-led response to this crisis.

    Petit ruisseau de Mae La Camp

    Le Mae La Refugee Choir partage une complainte intitulée "Petit ruisseau du camp de Mae Lae". 

    Près du petit ruisseau de Mae La Camp
    On s'est assis et on a pleuré.
    Près du petit ruisseau de Mae La Camp
    On s'est assis et on a pleuré.

    Dans la chaleur de nombreux jours
    Pendant les nuits blanches dans un pays étranger.
    Nous avons faim et soif de liberté
    Quand la liberté est si loin

    Comment allons-nous chanter le chant de la liberté ?
    Quand la liberté est entravée et enchaînée
    Comment allons-nous chanter la chanson de la joie ?
    Quand la liberté est entravée et enchaînée

    Oh my God, oh my God
    Pourquoi avez-vous abandonné
    Oh my God, oh my God
    Pourquoi nous as-tu abandonnés ?