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BWA Executive Committee Resolution 1966-08.1

  1. RESOLUTION OF THANKS. Hargroves reported in behalf of the committee for drafting a resolution of thanks (see section 17):

Hospitality may be described as the gracious art of anticipating certain human needs and meeting them with cordiality. Hospitality is a virtue to which the Bible gives high commendation. When we see it demonstrated by those of our own day and generation we likewise commend it. When it is extended to us personally we are especially grateful.

For months Dr. C. Ronald Goulding, Associate Secretary of the BWA, and Dr. Ernest a. Payne, General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland, and others have been making preparation for the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Baptist Word Alliance in London. Their plans have included comfortable housing, excellent meals, pleasant places for conferences, friendly assistance in providing answers to questions, even a tour of interesting and historic places.

As beneficiaries of those provisions we express our gratitude and to those who have made them possible our genuine appreciation.

MOTION was made, seconded, and passed that this Resolution of thanks be heartily endorsed by the Executive Committee.


BWA; Appreciation; Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland.


Original Source Bibliography: Nordenhaug, Josef, editor. Baptist World Alliance: Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee Held at London, England August 1-3, 1966. Washington, D.C.: Baptist World Alliance, 1966.

Original Source Footnote/Endnote: Josef Nordenhaug, ed., Baptist World Alliance: Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee Held at London, England August 1-3, 1966 (Washington, D.C.: Baptist World Alliance, 1966), p. 49.

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