Religious Liberty in Spain

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BWA Executive Committee Resolution 1967-08.3

Gerhard Claas presented this resolution. Considerable discussing arose regarding the use of various words and phrases. However, MOTION was made, seconded, and carried, that the resolution on religious liberty in Spain be approved as presented by the Resolutions Committee:

The Executive Committee of the Baptist World Alliance meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A., July 31-August 3, 1967 heard of the new “law concerning religious liberty” which was passed by the Spanish Cortes in late June this year and would make the following observations.

  1. The Baptist World Alliance has heard with pleasure that the Spanish government in the preamble of the new law recognizes that the right of religious liberty is founded on the dignity of the human person and ensures the necessary protection and immunity against any coersion [sic] in the legitimate exercise of this right.
  2. The Baptist World Alliance has read the further regulations of the law with great concern, for it places several restrictions on the actual exercise of the right set forth in the first paragraph. The Baptist World Alliance earnestly expresses the hope that nothing in the application of the law will restrict or prevent the worship and witness of any people in Spain in the expression of their religious faith. It further sincerely hopes that non-Catholics in Spain will continue to enjoy freedom to hold and express their religious convictions.


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Original Source Bibliography: Nordenhaug, Josef, editor. Baptist World Alliance: Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee Held at Nashville, Tennessee July 31-August 3, 1967. Washington, D.C.: Baptist World Alliance, 1967.

Original Source Footnote/Endnote: Josef Nordenhaug, ed., Baptist World Alliance: Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee Held at Nashville, Tennessee July 31-August 3, 1967 (Washington, D.C.: Baptist World Alliance, 1967), p. 56.

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