Memorial Resolution — Professor A. T. Robertson

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BWA Executive Committee Resolution 1935-05.4

(d) Professor A. T. Robertson. Reference was made to the decease of this eminent scholar, formerly a member of the Executive, and the following resolution, drafted by W. O. Carver, was adopted: —

The Executive Committee of the Baptist World Alliance takes cognizance of the sudden homegoing on September 24, 1934, of the Rev. Prof. A. T. Robertson of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and records its high appreciation of this distinguished and highly valuable world-minded Baptist. We recognise in Dr. Robertson one of the small group of men whose vision and efforts were responsible for the first Baptist World Congress in London in 1905 and for the founding at that time of the Baptist World Alliance.

Dr. Robertson served for some years on the Executive of the Alliance with profound interest, knowledge and insight, and to the day of his death was keen in his interest in its affairs and in its significance for the Kingdom of God.

Universally recognised as in the front rank of New Testament scholarship, Dr. Robertson reflected honour on his denomination in the entire fellowship of faith and in the republic of sacred learning throughout the world.

We cordially approve of the General Secretary’s sending to Mrs. Robertson a communication of sympathy and appreciation at the time of Dr. Robertson’s death, and now further request him to transmit to Mrs. Robertson a copy of this resolution as a repeated and corporate expression of our fraternal love and appreciation.


BWA; A. T. Robertson.


Original Source Bibliography: Baptist World Alliance: Minutes of Executive Committee, Held at Memphis, Tenn., U.S.A. on Tuesday, May 14th, 1935. London: Baptist World Alliance, 1935.

Original Source Footnote/Endnote: Baptist World Alliance: Minutes of Executive Committee, Held at Memphis, Tenn., U.S.A. on Tuesday, May 14th, 1935 (London: Baptist World Alliance, 1935), pp. 5-6.

Online Document Full Citation: BWA Executive Committee Resolution 1935-05.4 Memorial Resolution — Professor A. T. Robertson;

In-text Online Document Citation: (BWA Executive Committee Resolution 1935-05.4).

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