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Ethiopian Baptists request prayer

Ethiopian Baptists request prayer

Baptists in Ethiopia are requesting prayer from the international Baptist community on recent happenings in the East African country.

Over the past two months, beginning on August 5, Ethiopia has been beset by unrest that has led to the loss of hundreds of lives and the arrest of thousands.

Anti-government protests took place over alleged human rights abuses, unfair distribution of wealth, political marginalization, land seizure by government, hundreds of extra-judicial killings by police and mass arrests, among other grievances.

“I am sending you this mail to request all Baptist families to join us in prayer about Ethiopia,” wrote Jima Dilbo, president of the Emmanuel Baptist Church of Ethiopia. “The situation here in our country is getting worse. Opposition against the incumbent government is increasing from time to time and the way government is responding so far is not constructive.”

As an example, Dilbo cited an incident where official reports state that 55 persons were killed in clashes with security forces during a gathering of some two million persons from the Oromo tribe. Dilbo said opposition sources claim the death toll from the incident was more than 500.

A six-month state of emergency was declared by the government in October.

“Please present our country and the situation we are in before the Almighty God, so that peace prevails in this difficult situation in Ethiopia!” Dilbo asked.

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1994 International Year of the Family

1994 International Year of the Family

BWA General Council Resolution 1994.3

The General Council of the Baptist World Alliance meeting in Uppsala, Sweden from 18-24 July 1994:

RECOGNIZES with thanksgiving in the United Nations International Year of the Family progress documented by UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children (1994) report in such areas as literacy, health and nutrition;

PROCLAIMS the biblical definition of the family, a permanent, monogamous, heterosexual union, as the original divine plan for family life which must continue to serve as foundation and ideal for an ordered and effective society.

ACKNOWLEDGES that since family life is under threat in all cultures, Christians must ensure effective marriage preparation, teach family members to communicate with each other, provide relevant models of parenting and benefit from the wisdom of the older generation of Christians;

VIEWS WITH ALARM the consequences for the nurture of family life, of the deteriorating situation of women, many of whom suffer from such difficulties as poor health care, lack of clean and safe water, illiteracy, domestic violence and sexual slavery, as documented in the Baptist World Alliance Women’s Department report Women 1994;

LAMENTS the agony of millions of the world’s children caused by disease, malnutrition, poverty, child prostitution, sex tourism, slavery, abuse and war;

URGES the world Baptist family to mark this Year by taking action on behalf of the women of the world following the examples of ministries cited in Women 1994;

IMPLORES above all that we give children first call on our compassion and resources, committing ourselves to prayer, research, actions which seek universal ratification of the United Nations Convention

on the Rights of the Child with implementation of its provisions and saying “Yes” to God who gives first place to children.


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